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About Us

Since its inception in 2004 , KBTEC has successfully grown to become a dominant supplier to Kuwait markets for various types of electrical and mechanical systems and solutions.

We have successfully established mutual beneficially business relationship with companies all over the world and especially from United States, Europe and Asia to supply Electrical and industrial products and accessories for the ministries and all major contractors.

KBTEC offers a comprehensive range of services tailored for every stage of the power system’s cycle and boasts of a complete range of other engineering solutions.

We are well equipped to provide professional engineering consultation services, for systems ranging from low voltage through to High voltage. We focus on understanding your requirements and setting strategies to cater to the needs of your business.

Our Mission

KBTEC's mission is to enrich its performance to understanding customer's need and providing then the best resources. We will ensure to make this mission reality through our professionally qualified, committed and motivated team who are creative, innovative and providers of engineering solutions

Business Coordination

Excellent coordination with the manufactures and suppliers to process the in house orders and to expedite and commit early delivery. We have a good management team to handle the sourcing of manufacturers, order follow up and and documentation. Furthermore, we will assist you with any sample requirements from our manufacturers or suppliers that might be needed for submittal and product approval.

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We have focused our efforts not only on investigating products, but also offering the best quality products highly suitable for Kuwait and the Gulf States, by dealing with leading top brands in different industries.

We offer a wide range of engineering solutions that precisely target the specific needs of our customers by using a variety of advanced technologies. Our solutions help enterprises achieve sustainable and competitive advantage through proactive management of their powers systems, resulting in improved safety, enhanced reliability and energy efficiency.

At KBTEC, we believe the management of information is one of the most important tools to set up a successful professional business network, which includes product research, logistics and distribution practices working together in order to bring latest technology products to Kuwait.

Helping You Achieve Your Objectives

We want to help you achieve your your objectives and we are big enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to provide one-on-one service you deserve. At every stage of our work, from research to repair and testing, we use up-to-the-minute technologies and the most modern equipment available

Conventional And Special Materials

Using Conventional or special materials, we supply products for specific needs and conditions from HV to LV applications to Oil And Gas applications.


KBTEC as a registered supplier facilitates and accelerates business transactions in the industry.

Strategic Partners

Read about all our products

Download our product catalogue and learn more about the product ranges suited to fit in all engineering applications.

Our Clients

At KBTEC we pride ourselves in being the leaders in the electrical industry solution providers. We offer each of our clients a true business advantage.

Electrical Industry Events 2015

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