We are well equipped to provide professional Civil engineering services, for various Public and Civil works. We offer a wide range of solutions that precisely target your specific needs by using a variety of advanced technologies.

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Copper Bonded steel Tape, with thickness of copper layer 0.070 mm in combination with copper bonded steel earth rode of copper thickness 0.250 mm - reliable complete solution for earthing system and an economical substitution for copper conductors, thereby meeting the same requirements for corrosion resistance and that too at a much better price.


AERON Composite products are corrosion resistant Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic/Fibre Reinforced Plastic which meets the demanding needs of industry. ​

​ FRP/GRP Composite is a New Age “GREEN” solution to points discussed above and at the same time meeting the strength requirement. ​​

Salient features of FRP/GRP products are:
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • Better Ergonomics
  • Easy Installation
  • low maintenance


Product is made of composite polymer material mixed with reinforced fiberglass and steel bar meeting the requirements of CJ/T 212-2005 and EU-124-1994 with ISO 9001 certification and available in different colors and sizes capable of carrying loads ranging from 5 – 40 Ton and approved by Ministry of Electricity and Water for street lighting projects and Ministry of Communications for communication network in Kuwait.

It can replace conventional steel or concrete manholes and is highly resistant to corrosion and grinding contributing to better technical performance and practicability compared with other materials and easier to install because of lighter weight and providing a solution for the hazards due to stealing and subsequent losses.